Avila Beach

Floating Lab

All aboard as we take a boat on the seas to survey and study marine life, collecting samples in tow along the way. The Floating Lab is a unique and memorable experience in which students embark on an exhibition in the harbor fishing for knowledge and studying their catch.

Floating Labs are ~ 2 hours in length

Single or multiple labs can be booked. Explore our options below! 

*extended program options available

Please contact education@centralcoastaquarium.com with questions or specific program needs

Let's go out into the bay!

Following an introduction to the rich cultural and natural history of the area, students become marine scientists for a day as they practice boat terminology, perform an otter trawl, identify local fish species, and measure water quality while enjoying the sights and sounds of marine life.

Program Options

  • 2 hour boat trip
  • Up to 30 students
  • Aquarium exploration time
  • Single boat $1100 (30 students, 2 chaperones)
  • Double boat $2200 (60 students, 4 chaperones)

Scholarships - Coming Soon

We hope to have scholarships for the 2024-2025 school year soon. 

The Central Coast Aquarium strives to offer some scholarship assistance for school program fees. Funds are awarded at the discretion of the Aquarium on a first-come, first-served basis until funds are exhausted.

Note: The following questions are included on the application. You may prepare your answers before completing the form, or you may save your form and return to it as needed.

  • Please explain why your class/school is deserving of a program scholarship. (500 words max.)
  • Please describe other sources of funding that you have received or are pursuing which will help cover program fees. (300 words max.)